Young Photographer of The Year

I was actually waiting patiently to capture a shot with no people.

They would come in waves and just as I thought I’d capture a simple path shot, a new wave would stroll in.

I’d pretty much given up until I noticed this young girl taking pictures with her tablet. I thought to myself ”hmm that might make a good picture if she does it again”. As luck would have it, she keenly snapped one more shot on her tablet just as i was hitting the shutter.

It’s great so see young people take an interest in photography. If she’s lucky maybe Santa will upgrade her camera for Christmas.

Thanks for looking
Gavin Hardcastle


  1. You are amazing and I love your sense of Humor!!! Butchart Gardens is some of the best landscape photography I have seen.Thank you for sharing!!! Today is December 1, 2018. Do you think there would be any color there now???

  2. Hi Gavin – me and my hubby absolutely love your blogs. Really good giggles along with spectacular photography! Never stop Gavin.

    I wish you did a calendar for the poor people like me though!


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