The Crystal Mill Colorado

What a day this was. A soggy, moist day.

After driving all the way from Nanaimo, BC, I finally made it to the road of doom to the Crystal Mill. Despite having good AWD and winter tyres, I chickened out about 2 miles in to the road from hell. I reluctantly ditched the Rolls Royce and hiked the rest of the way in during a thunder and lightening storm.

None too wise to be hiking through a lightening storm carrying 3 tripods. During the worst of it I decided to stash the tripods and find shelter.

After a lengthy chocolate break I got back on the trail and finally made it to the Crystal Mill. What a sight to behold!

This is the kind of thing I live for. Foreboding skies, vibrant fall colours with a derelict mill next to a waterfall. What more can the landscape photography ask for?

After an altercation with a surly tourist who appeared to be afflicted with a chronic case of ‘Entitlement’, I got to work capturing as many shots as I could while shivering in my soaked state.

I got picked up by a nice Vietnamese family who were touring through the US which saved me from a miserable hike back to the salvation of my warm vehicle. There was a bit of suffering that day and quite a lot of risk but I feel it was totally worth it when I look at this image.

Thanks for looking
Gavin Hardcastle


  1. Love this pic Gavin! What aperture and ISO was this at? Assume you used an ND filter as well? How long did you expose? You are a true artist!

  2. One of the best photos I’ve seen of the mill. Very well done!

  3. love your work id love to see how you get your photos to pop great youtube videos by the way


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