Banff Photography Workshops

Banff Photography Workshops

As March creeps ever closer, time is running out for you to sign up for my Banff Photography Workshop where we’ll be shooting the stunning scenery of Banff National Park during the winter thaw. If you’ve ever wanted those ‘Ice and Fire’ images that look so amazing this is the workshop for you.

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Join award winning photographer Gavin Hardcastle while he shoots in some of the most spectacular landscape photography locations on the planet.

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Read Gavins latest tutorials, gear reviews and free photography guides. Gavins shares his essential shooting techniques and top photo locations.

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Free Photography Location Guides

  • The Trona Pinnacles in California

The Trona Pinnacles Photography Guide

Few places capture the imagination quite like the Trona Pinnacles. Situated in Southern California just 10 minutes from the town of Trona, this otherworldly landscape of tufa spires offers the photographer endless photo opportunities, day [...]

  • Jasper National Park Photography Tips

Jasper National Park Photo Tips

Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada is without doubt one of the most impressive locations in the world for capturing dramatic landscape images. Things are just.... BIG! It's as if he word 'epic' was created [...]

  • Panther Creek Falls Photography Guide

Panther Creek Falls Photo Tips

You'd better pack some lens wipes, we're gonna get moist with this one. Panther Creek Falls in Washington State is one of my all time favourite waterfalls. Not only does it offer a spectacular cascade [...]

  • Dead Horse Point Photo Tips

Dead Horse Point State Park Photo Tips

A photography trip to Moab wouldn't be complete without a visit to Dead Horse Point State Park. Like many of Utah's spectacular landscapes, it's been photographed a gazillion times but don't let that stop you [...]

Gear and Software Reviews

  • Gavin Hardcastle - Photography Gear List

My Gear List

I often get asked about the equipment that I use to make my images, so I thought I'd put together a list of items that I use on a regular basis along with a brief [...]

  • High resolution panorama photography of portland japanese garden

How to Break Photoshop with Panorama Photography

You'd think that the amount of money I pay to Adobe each month give me a half decent app that stitches multiple images together to create a panorama, you'd be wrong. Photoshop collapsed into a [...]

  • Sony A600 Review - Cambodia

Sony A6000 Review with Example Images

The more I use this camera, the more I love it. Here's the scenario - I often shoot timelapse sequences with my main camera the Sony A7R (Read my Sony A7R review here) and that [...]

  • eMotimo TB3 Review by Gavin Hardcastle

eMotimo TB3 Review by Gavin Hardcastle

I can count on one hand the number of times that I've made an emotional connection with a product. My 'Incredible Hulk' pyjamas at age 4 would be the first and the TB3 from eMotimo [...]

Photography Tutorials

  • Astrophotography Tutorial - Dark Skies and Moon Phase

Astrophotography Tutorial – Dark Skies and Moon Phase

While it's true that you'll get clearer images of the stars in a 'dark sky area', don't let a bit of light pollution prevent you from indulging in your passion for astrophotography. With this astrophotography [...]

  • How to Shoot Amazing Astrophotography Nightscapes

How to Shoot Amazing Astrophotography Nightscapes

There's more to capturing stunning nightscapes than simply knowing how to shoot star trails, aurora, the Milky Way or the Orion Nebula. Nailing your technique is only half the battle and even knowing how to [...]

  • Landscape Photography Tutorial - Hunt Foreground

Landscape Photography Tutorial – Hunt Foreground

With this landscape photography tutorial I'm going to discuss a really obvious tip that can instantly improve your landscape photography in a huge way. Hunt Foreground! Sounds really simple right? Well it is a simple [...]

  • Achieve Better Landscape Photography

Achieve Better Landscape Photography with this One Tip

One of the most basic photography techniques that I show to my students is something I've named the '20 in 2' method. By taking your camera off the tripod and shooting in (gulp) AUTO mode, [...]

Photoshop Tutorials

  • HDR Photography Tutorial

HDR Photography Tutorial Part 2 – How to Pre-Process

Before you get busy with the HDR processing, take a few minutes to clean up your RAW files first to avoid enhancing any nasty little issues like chromatic aberration and excessive noise. These tips are [...]

  • Photoshop Tutorial - How to Make Dramatic Black & White Landscapes

Photoshop Tutorial – How to Make Dramatic Black & White Landscapes

With this Photoshop tutorial video, It's pretty easy to convert a colour landscape photograph into a dramatic, moody and intense black and white or monochrome image. In this tutorial I explain how to make the [...]

  • Focus Stacking

Focus Stacking in Photoshop VS F/22 for Landscapes

I heard about focus stacking a few years ago but never took the time to experiment with it. A recent conversation with a fellow photographer about 'tilt-shift' lenses prompted me to explore this fascinating technique [...]