Through the Keyhole - St Nectan's Kieve

This lovely waterfall in North Cornwall, England is actually on private property but well worth the entrance fee. Aside from the obvious beauty of the waterfall itself, I was blown away by the luminous glow of the green moss. Even in the shade, the walls were aglow with such rich hues that I had to experiment with different white balance settings to get the colours just right.

Behind the Shot

This was another one of those locations that gives you a great shot just by you turning up. I spent a great deal of time shooting the falls from multiple angles with a multitude of focal lengths, but my favourite shot was the very first one I took at 24mm.

This was a 13″ exposure which I blended with much faster exposures to capture some of the detail in the moving water. A circular polarizer was used to capture the richest colours. I hope you enjoy the serenity and colours that I experience on this lovely summer day.

Thanks for looking
Gavin Hardcastle


  1. Very nice work. When you said you blended long and faster exposure which details had in your mind? Thank you in advance 🙂

    • I will be moving from Seattle WA to Liskeard Cornwall towards the fall 2020 and am looking forward to visiting the Keyhole Falls some 50 mins drive from what will be our new house. Thanks for the tip, I hope I can do it the same justice as you did. BEAUTIFUL picture.

      Thanks again


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