The question I’m most often asked about my photography is “how do you get such sharp images?”. The good news is that it’s all down to technique, which I believe anybody can learn.

I decided to create my course ‘Mastering Sharpness‘ to teach you the essential foundations for creating the sharpest images possible with your own camera. In this online photography course, I cover the following topics in over 3 hours of instructional HD videos:

  • Camera Equipment
  • Understanding Image Quality
  • Diffraction & Aperture Selection
  • Stabilization
  • Focus Stacking
  • Avoiding Shutter Shock
  • Depth Of Field
  • Where & How To Focus
  • Post Production Sharpening and Image Sizing
  • Handheld Vs Tripod Photography
  • RAW Files Included



Download ‘Mastering Sharpness‘ Now

$69 $48

Free Preview

In this video, you can get a taste of what ‘Mastering Sharpness‘ has to offer. I decided to make the video about diffraction completely free as a preview of the course.

Who Am I?

I’m Gavin Hardcastle, the creator of Fototripper. Landscape Photography is an all-consuming passion for me and I love to share my knowledge and shenanigans on the Fototripper Youtube channel. I offer several photography courses from composition right through to image post-processing. If there’s a course or tutorial you’d like to see me cover please get in touch.

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