'Tunnel Falls' - Vancouver Island

We often have absolutely no idea that beneath our feet lies extraordinary beauty.

I’ve driven over this river on Vancouver Islands notorious Malahat countless times without even knowing it existed. This day I decided to explore what looked like an interesting little river on the other side of the highway. After parking up I could hear the loud sound of running water, so I decided to peer over the edge of a nearby bridge and got a tantalizing view of these falls from above.

Behind the Shot

That glimpse got my heart racing and I figured if I could bush wack to the bottom of the waterfall there might be a chance of a gorgeous shot. So off I set down steep, treacherous cliffs to find my pot of gold.

Once I reached the bottom I knew right away that I had a great shot. The only challenge from that point was keeping the lens dry because the rain had started coming down with a vengeance. Using my ‘swipe and shoot’ technique I was able to keep the lens dry long enough to capture this moment and I was a happy bunny.

Thanks for looking
Gavin Hardcastle



  1. I’m from vancouver island and absolutely love your shots! May I ask where on the Malahat “Tunnel Falls” was taken, as well as this one? “Spill Light”? Thank you so much, and keep up the great work!!

  2. I’ve been to Malahat many times… good question…where is it??

  3. I’ve searched and searched, and literally, NOBODY has posted a pic of this from Vancouver Island. Once again sir, you are a lie. You will be exposed. Dweeb.

    • Is this comment meant to be funny?
      If that would be Gavin, I would say yes, but it ain´t his comment 🙂

      Honestly, I know the jealousy and the eager to get infos on a location.
      But I have to respect the secrecy as well.
      I try to find my locations and put also a lot of work in it and money and time to get there. It is common that people do not share info. Cannot have everything.

    • Yeah, you missed the many photos of this posted on FB then? But please, tell me more.

  4. I know exactly where this is and I’ve only been to the opposite side of the highway
    Killer shot

  5. I love all of your picture , they are breathtaking beautiful . You are one of the best photographer on u tube . I’m a beginner photographer can you give me any advice how to really excel in photography. I like they way you present Yourself. Getting the right composition really makes your pictures come together so perfectly.

  6. Absolutely stunning. I think this is possibly the most beautiful waterfall shot I have ever seen. You, Sir are an amazing photographer.

  7. It is a great shot of that waterfall and a great story to it.
    It reminds me of my search and findings of waterfalls. Trying to find a street and parking spot to get as close as possible, then finding a foot path, then trying to stay safe and sound in the middle of nowhere / in a forest, not get eaten by bears or wolfs or such, trying not to get lost and wet and dirty. All that in the hopes of finding something great.
    I know of the hard work and the feeling to reach the desired spot and even catching a great picture.
    I am also going deep in the water / in the rivers to find something nice.
    It is lots of fun with photogasm feeling.

    I love your efforts and your good spirit.
    I also find your pictures as one of the best.
    Looking forward to receive your book in few weeks here in China 😉

    Happy New Year and wishing you another great year with great photo locations.

  8. Tunnel Falls is in the state of OREGON, USA in the Columbia River Gorge… south of Vancouver, Washington…. NOT Vancouver Island, Canada.


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