Spill Light - Fine Art Photography of Vancouver Island

The west coast of Vancouver Island is awash with beautiful little secrets like this. A fellow photographer had tipped me off about this stunning waterfall that poured into a sea cave where the sea lions often come to mate, play and generally party.

Behind The Shot

Access to the cave can only be had by climbing a slimy rock face during low tide. High tide wouldn’t even be worth considering. Myself and two photographer buddies made a rope ladder (hereby referred to as the ‘ladder of doom’) so that we could climb in and out of the hidden cove as huge waves crashed in from the Pacific Ocean.

Once down in the cove we had to time our jump onto the beach perfectly as the waves pulled out before hammering back with a thundering roar.

We had just enough time to capture our shots before the tide gradually encroached on our exit and forced us back up the ladder of doom. It was one of those days were so many things could have gone terribly wrong but didn’t. Those are the days that remind you how sweet life really is.

Thanks for looking
Gavin Hardcastle


  1. Hello Gavin,

    I am a fellow photographer and avid hiker here on Vancouver Island. I have been exploring many areas all over this Island being born and raised here but I have yet to find this well hidden place. I feel as though this is what is referred to as “Sea Lion Cave” at the mouth of the Parkinson Creek.

    I know you probably wish to keep this a secret but I am asking if you would private message me back with the approx. location of this so I too may explore and hopefully photograph this hidden gem.

    If not, I understand and will continue to pursue my hunt for this and many other hidden areas of VI.

    Brian Howland

    • Hi Brian, there’s been a lot of buzz about this place recently so I’ve nobody but my self to blame. Some people are complaining that it’s an active breeding ground for the sea lions. It’s also super dangerous to get in there so I’m loath to disclose the location. I might however be tempted to trade if you have some other equally epic spot I’ve never heard of 😉


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