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Free Desktop Backgrounds Download

Download my Free Desktop Backgrounds for your computer or tablet. All of these desktop backgrounds are free to download for personal use only. Any unauthorized distribution, reproduction, editing, alteration, licensing or selling is strictly prohibited. If you would like to license any of my images please contact me directly.

If you would like to purchase a high quality print of my images please visit where you can choose your size and format. Prints are shipped to your door.

How to Download

To download my free desktop backgrounds you need to do two things:

1Register your free Fototripper account. This signs you up to my mailing list. I promise I won’t spam you and you can opt out at any time. I’ll only ever email you when I publish new free desktop backgrounds, tutorials and photo guides.

2Login. Once you’ve registered and logged in, simply come back to this page and click one of the like buttons to reveal the free download links. This helps to spread the word about my free desktop backgrounds so we can share the love.

Here are the Free Desktop Backgrounds

Vancouver Island Desktop Backgrounds

This 6 pack of free desktop backgrounds features Vancouver Island in all it’s glory. Vancouver Island, BC is one of the most beautiful places on earth and it just happens to be my home. Enjoy the beauty of the island and please share this page with your friends.

Download Adobe Lightroom Preset System V5

The Utah Collection – More Coming Soon

I’ll be adding more downloads with different themes so please check back regularly. If you like these desktop backgrounds please post a comment below and let me know what you thought of them and please share this page with your friends.

Many of the locations shown in the images above are featured in my photography Location Guides so if you’d like to learn how to find my favourite places and learn my shooting tips please read those.

HDR Tutorials

If you’d like to learn some of the essential shooting techniques I use to capture these images, please read my HDR Tutorials where I show you how I capture and process huge dynamic range.

About Gavin Hardcastle

Gavin is a professional landscape photographer from Vancouver Island, BC. He teaches photography workshops all over the world and writes extensively about his experiences on location. You can read his photo guides and tutorials here at His fine art prints can be purchased from

12 thoughts on “Free Desktop Backgrounds


    Bummer. I hit the tweet button but the post still says “Download Locked”. Nothing happens when I try to like on FB or G+.

    Better luck next time.


    So where is the FREE? Your asking for my billing info? NO! This now becomes BUY! , NOT free! Are you scamming me? Please Don’t, because it is not nice! and I won’t “BITE”! So let me no if it is free, or not!!!

    • Gavin Hardcastle Post author

      You don’t actually have to enter any of that info. For some reason the signup was taking you to an account that can be used to buy our workshops. I’ve changed it now so that you will only see a simple register/ login screen. Please try again.

  3. lindar

    Wow, the Vancouver Island, Canada collection is amazing to say the least!! Thanks for the awesome FREE desktop backgrounds!

  4. perfectsniper

    I get the message that the download is locked and I have to click one of the “like” buttons. However, I don’t use any of those. (tweet, FaceTime, google+) What next ?


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