Banff Photography Workshop

There are few places on this planet that can match Emerald Lake Lodge in Yoho National Park for that quintessential ‘Winter Wonderland’ scene.

Behind The Shot

A half moon on a super clear night at -26 °C allowed me to shoot at f/11 on the Sony A7RII and my beloved old Canon 24-105mm lens. I was actually worried that the bright moon was going to ruin the shot with it’s insistent blue hue on all things earthbound. I think the reason why ‘Moonglow’ works so well is because of the contrast between warm and cold colours.

The soft, puffy foreground snow also features a lovely triangular shape in the snow which leads the eye to the centre of the frame. The unique blue hues of the moonlight have a calming effect which really adds to the winter wonderland theme of the image.

Want to know how I processed this image from start to finish? Watch a step by step HD Photoshop Video Tutorial showing the entire process from opening the RAW files right through to cropping for Instagram and saving for the Web.

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Gavin Hardcastle – Fototripper

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