1. Hi Gavin, I’m from Sunderland in the UK and I’m loving all the blogs, tutorials and the amazing photos you take with your Sony Full Frame Camera.
    I was looking at your advertised Chasing Awe With Gavin Hardcastle Photography Book and was wondering if it would also available in the UK at some point.
    Keep up the good work as I’m an avid follower of your photography and great humour with your partner, the gang including Uncle Grumpy and the amazing locationsyou all seem to find 🙂

  2. Hey Gavin,
    I’m new to your YouTube site and love watching the video’s,I’m finding them inspirational and they are teaching me a thing or two..
    I really like the ones with Grumpy in,they are well worth the watch and very funny and educational .
    The main reason I’m getting in touch is to see if your book is still for sale and would it be shipped to Sheffield , England
    Many thanks and keep up the good work


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