I spent a morning with Gavin about 5 years ago to learn some shooting techniques and since has become second nature in the way I shoot. Over the past few months I’ve spent some time learning some photo editing from Gavin’s video tutorials and again, I really don’t see myself working on my photos in any other way from what I learned from Gavin’
Feel free to use the above on your site with my name. I hadn’t been to Sherman Falls for a couple of years and the last time I was there in Feb I got some nice ice shots. But, we have not had any real winter weather here in southern Ontario this year so there was no ice formations at all and no snow. Just the lovely shades of dead leaf browns, some green stained rocks and flat lighting. Gave me some really good water shutter speed practice. But after spending some time with them I couldn’t believe how the limited amounts of colours popped out from the photos and how colourful a dull photo could really be. I think it’s me getting a good grasp on layer masks and using multiply for colour enhancements. Once I found I was comfortable using them I don’t hesitate trying different adjustments knowing that they are so easy to correct if needed.