Photoshop Video Tutorial for 'Tenacity' by Gavin Hardcastle

Turbocharge your image post processing skills right now by learning exactly how I processed my popular image ‘Tenacity’. In this HD Photoshop Video Tutorial I show you how I processed this iconic image using Adobe Camera Raw (Same Tools as Lightroom) and Photoshop quickly and easily.


‘Tenacity’ was one of my most popular images on Instagram. To this day it still gets shared by many hubs and was responsible for winning me thousands of followers on that platform. I think the sheer simplicity of the composition, coupled with it’s powerful message of life prevailing against all odds, is ultimately the reason it went viral.

Photoshop Video Tutorial DownloadsThe funny thing is, ‘Tenacity’ was a throwaway image that languished on my hard drive for years.

In this video, I show you how the uninspiring RAW file was transformed with a ‘creative crop’ that instantly brought to light the hidden magic of the image.

In this HD 1080p Photoshop video tutorial I take you through the entire image editing process, from opening the untouched RAW files to saving them for the web, ready to upload to Instagram.

What’s Covered in this Photoshop Video Tutorial:

  • Adobe Camera RAW (Same as Lightroom) Essential Edits
  • Layer Blending Modes
  • Using Color Filters
  • Adding Selective ‘Atmosphere’ for a Dreamlike Quality
  • Creative Cropping
  • Creative Dodging
  • Saving for Web

Why I Love This Shot

With ‘Tenacity’, the creation of the image perfectly matches the story captured in that moment of time. What I thought was a long-dead RAW file actually contained a seedling of beauty that just needed a chance to grow. Just like the tiny fir tree growing from that long discarded stump, ‘Tenacity’ was waiting right there in the heart of the shot. It just needed a little TLC to make it flourish and I’ll show you the entire process from start to finish.

Tenacity - Before and After Photoshop Video Tutorial

Instant Download – Video Specifications

  • Duration – 28 minutes
  • MP4 Format – Compatible with Most popular devices.
  • ZIP File – Download After Ordering

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